14 06 2010

Well, folks, today is the 14th of June!  What does that mean?  Well, besides it being Flag Day, it’s also officially THREE MONTHS til the Book Release!!!

I am so excited!! I remember when this was a fleeting idea and now it’s a full fledged book!

Because today marks the official countdown (says I), I’m going to show you the back cover!  Drumroll, please…

Featured on the back cover are the Bellissima Mittens, Blood Bottle Cozies, and Tourniquet Scarf!

More soon!!


Our debut, sort of

13 06 2010

This weekend, TNNA is happening.  We’re making somewhat of a debut over there.  Potter Craft, our publisher, has a booth and part of it is publicizing Vampire Knits!

The kind people at Ravelry took a picture!  Lookie!!

I’m very excited, and hopefully you are too!  The designs shown off in the photo are “Vampire Totes” by Marilee Norris as well as “Bellissima Mittens” by Bethe Galantino So exciting!!

What is Vampire Knits?

7 06 2010

Several people have asked me just how Vampires and knitting fit in with each other.  Two seemingly unrelated topics have come together in our book, and they make perfect sense to all of us involved in the book!

First, Vampires and knitting have been around for ages.  Some tales of vampires date back thousands of years BC, though the term “vampire” didn’t show up in English writing til the 1700s.  Similarly, “knit” items have dated back to the 3rd or 4th century AD, although knitting as we know it seems to date back to the 1200s.

Secondly, just as you can lose yourself in a good vampire story, you can also lose yourself in a great knitting pattern.  You could combine your love of vampires with your love of knitting by making yourself sexy vampy gloves, or a black lacy scarf that reminds you of dark, sexy vampires.

Vampires evoke certain imagery.  Hiding in shadows, they slink around at night looking for prey. Or, they step out into the daylight to woo their human prey by sparkling in the sunshine.

Vampire Knits combines our love of vampires with our love of beautiful, timeless knits.  There’s something for everyone in our book and we’ll be showing sneak peeks soon!

In the meantime, if you find yourself at TNNA this week, be sure to look for Potter Craft – they might just have something to share!