Vampire Knits at Comic Con

25 07 2010

Exciting news in Vampire Knits this week – we debuted at Comic Con, the big, giant convention in San Diego for all things comic, fantasy, sci fi, and horror.

Though the book is being printed, and wasn’t available for people to peruse, or for sale or signings, there was a good size poster.  Give aways included beautiful postcards and buttons!

I was able to attend on Thursday and Saturday.  Thursday I was there with my family, but we stopped by the Crown Publishing booth and got a photo, after spending some time talking to Allison Devlin from Potter Craft.

You may notice that the poster says “November 2010” – apparently this was an older poster.  They ended up cutting that part of the poster off the next day.  The good news is that the postcards have the correct information on them.

The buttons are almost the opposite of the stickers given out at TNNA:

Saturday I was able to go, and actually gave an interview for Random House.  I’m not entirely sure what they’ll be using it for, but if it gets posted anywhere, I’ll post about it! After the interview, I shook some hands, met some knitters and people who love knitters and even signed an autograph!  The man  who asked for the autograph also asked if there would be a tour or if I’d be back at Comic Con next year, so we’ll see.  I don’t imagine I’ll be touring, however there might be a local book signing.   Also, our amazing designers will be making appearances in knit shops around the US – including a group of them at WEBS.  More details to come as we get closer to the date!

Coming up next on the blog – I’ll be featuring our lovely designers, spotlighting each one of them and finding about their inspiration!

7 weeks, 2 days til it’s released!




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25 07 2010

love…Amazon finally updated the cover of the book. 🙂

30 07 2010


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