Designer Spotlight – Toni Carr

23 08 2010

How long have you been knitting and how’d you get started?

I started out crocheting as a way to spend time with my Grandmother.
From there we moved onto knitting. It’s been about 10 years now.

How did you start designing?

I started designing right away. Since I was learning to knit with my
Grandma, we were using a lot of vintage patterns and books. I wanted
to update a lot of the skirts and sweaters I was learning on. It was a
quick transition from altering vintage patterns to designing my own.

What was your first design?

My first design was a hat for my husband. Really basic and simple, but
I was very proud of it!

What did you design for Vampire Knits? What inspired you?

I designed the Men’s Love Bites Sweater. I wanted something
comfortable and simple, with a little bit of edge to it. I like
putting intentional “rips” in knitting. It feels so wrong to drop
stitches on purpose, but oddly satisfying as well!

Who’s your favorite vampire, or what’s your favorite vampire story?

I recently read the Robin McKinley book “Sunshine” which is a very,
very odd Vampire book. I loved it. I’m also a fan of the Vampire
Academy Series since it’s such a different take on the Vampire genre.
For a favorite vampire however, it’s Lestat all the way.

Toni’s blog can be found HERE.




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