Designer Spotlight – Julie Turjoman

5 09 2010

Julie Turjoman, in her own words.

I’ve been knitting for more than twenty years, and first learned after college when I needed a new hobby and happened to spot some gorgeous yarn in a shop window. The owner taught me the basics and I am self-taught from there.

Once I realized that I could never leave well enough alone working up another designer’s pattern, and that I always wound up modifying them beyond recognition to get the look I was after, it seemed logical to begin designing my own creations. It took off from there.

The first thing I designed was a simple V-neck pullover with a bit of waist shaping, mainly because I couldn’t find one I liked in any store. I am short, and most sweaters are too long-waisted for me with the sleeves hanging well beyond my finger tips, so it was really liberating to knit one that fit me perfectly.

I designed a hooded cowl with a repeating cable pattern for Vampire Knits, in a deep midnight blue yarn that is thick, soft, and warm. I was inspired by thoughts of a woman walking home alone through a dark forest, and wanting her to be warm and safe from vampires and other predators. The idea that she could pull the cowl up to cover her hair and hide her face appealed to me, as if she wore a kind of protective armor.

My favorite vampires are the creations of Ann Rice. Scary and sexy all rolled into one – what could be better?

Thanks, Julie!

Julie’s website can be found HERE.

Countdown: 9 days til release!!



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7 09 2010
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