Vampire Party

19 09 2010

To celebrate the book’s release, my wonderful husband decided we should have a party. Loving parties, I agreed and quickly set up plans and sent invites. My amazing mother brought gorgeous flowers and candelabras and cake stands to help make the party look extra vampy!

If anyone out there wants to have their own Vampire Party (Knits or otherwise), these were fabulous – and a big hit!

-Find candelabras at an antique shop or flea market and burn some red candles, letting the wax drip down.

Flowers are always a nice touch. My mom brought black-red roses and flowers called Amaranthus, also known as “Love Lies Bleeding” – perfect!

Fun candies- gummy fangs and personalized m&ms!

We had a lot of guests, so we ordered a taco truck which was fabulous! Enough food for all and then some!! I highly recommend one – and if you’re in the L.A. area, Gina’s Tacos are super!

For some vampy refreshments, what better than Sangria? (After all, sangre = blood.)

We had a few copies of the book available for a raffle, and I drew 3 names. We put them out with a few of our buttons, and a handmade Twilight-themed picture made the table complete.

I also bought some awesome vampire bite tattoos as little favors, and had a little station set up. The tattoos are from Electric Pink Pirate on Etsy. The kids and grown-ups both had fun with them! As soon as I get some of my sister-in-law’s photos back, I’ll post some pics of the kiddies with their bites!

All in all, it was a wonderful party, and I highly recommend themed parties – especially Vampire parties!!




2 responses

19 09 2010

Sounds like a wonderful time!!

20 09 2010
Catherine McDonald

Hey there.
Looks very Vampie. Sounds like you all had a great time.

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