It’s October ~ Let’s Give Something Away!

30 09 2010

Hey all!  It’s October – One of my favorite months of the year! It starts cooling down and feeling more like Fall, Halloween is near – as is my birthday and my youngest daughter’s birthday. It’s the start of the giving season – feeling thankful for what we have and sharing in giving to others.

This October, I’d like to give a copy of Vampire Knits away!  I’ll draw a name from those who comment on this blog entry.  I’ll draw names next Friday, and if it’s an overwhelming response, I might give away two!

Just for fun, leave your name and the name of your favorite bloodsucker!




93 responses

30 09 2010
Jennifer Conarty

This is a cool idea. 🙂 My favorite bloodsucker is Lestat. I’m an Anne Rice fan. 🙂

30 09 2010
Rebecca Conrad

hehe i love Oct!! halloween is sooo much fun, i cant wait to dress up this year!!:) and happy bday to you both… and thanks for put one of the books up for giveaway!!:D now back to sexy, yummy damon….;)

1 10 2010
Joe Ramsey

I love WordPress, Anne Rice AND Vampire Knits!

1 10 2010
Trisha B

I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

My favorite vampire has got to be Lestat as well… though not necessarily from Anne Rice’s book, but the movie adaptation of “Interview With A Vampire”. It’s the ONLY movie that I absolutely love Tom Cruise in.

1 10 2010

Awesome idea! My favorite bloodsucker? Possibly the leeches in the Little House Book that prompts Laura and/or Mary to scream “SHE’S GOT BLOODSUCKERS ON HER LEGS, PA!” (although I might not be remembering that correctly.) Other than that, I am fond of Angel from Buffy, Crispin Glover’s dad in “Die Hard Dracula”…I feel like I’m missing someone. HMM! Oh yeah, this is Mary Jessica.

1 10 2010

Eric is my favorite

1 10 2010

I love October too! Looking forward to the explosion of color in the trees.

My favorite vamp is Edward Cullen. (I can’t help it! He was written to be almost everything a girl would want in a guy!) 😀

1 10 2010

Awesome!!! I have heard some great things about this book & can’t wait to read it. Fav blood sucker – Eric from True Blood. So super hot 🙂

1 10 2010

I love keeping up with your book! Favorite vampire… Bunnicula? hmmm. maybe Spike from Buffy.

1 10 2010

Hi there!

Can’t wait to read your book and my favorite bloodsucker is Louis from the Vampire Chronicles.

1 10 2010

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!! What a fun idea!! I would have to say that my favorite vampires are Angel and Spike. Lately though, I can’t get enough of Eric from Trueblood!

1 10 2010
R Clark 2U

Looks like a fantastic book! My favorite vampire? That’s hard to say, but I’ll go with Edward Cullen.

1 10 2010

October is my favourite month too. Love what I’ve seen of this book so far! Fav vampire is a toss up between Alice and Eric.

1 10 2010

I saw this book at a nice Halloween display at Borders last night and LOVED the designs in there. I’d love to win a copy!

1 10 2010

i love fall! it’s hot here still but i am looking froward to cooler weather.

so many vampires to choose from. right now my faves are from the black brotherhood series by jr ward.

1 10 2010
Deb K.

October is my favorite month as well. My favorite bloodsucker is still Christopher Lee as Dracula.

1 10 2010

vampire knits! Interesting!

1 10 2010
Audrey R

Favorite vamp? Such a hard question! I’m gonna go with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

1 10 2010

Oooh baby. Love this. Think I’m going with Alice.

1 10 2010

I just keep hearing great things about this book everywhere! I have to admit I’m partial to Spike (from Buffy/Angel)–he always had the best lines.

1 10 2010
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1 10 2010

My favorite is Angel (not to be confused with Angelus).

1 10 2010


1 10 2010

Walked outside a few minutes ago and it is actually cooler here! So exciting. So, my fav blood sucker is Eric from True Blood. MMMM Viking yumminess! Thanks for the chance to win.

1 10 2010
Tammy Castleberry

My favourite vamp has to be William the Bloody. Yep, I have a crush on Spike from BtVS. Those cheekbones, that voice…*shiver* I do love me some Spike. Angelus runs a close second due to his wicked sense of humour. Hmmm, now there’s a thought. I wonder how it would be being the filling in a Spike/Angelus sandwich….

1 10 2010

While it would be easy to say I’m Team Edward, my favorite movie vampire is actually Gerard Butler’s Dracula from Dracula 2000

1 10 2010
Elizabeth Lafferty

Thanks for the kewl giveaway! I’m a Frank Langella or Gary Oldman original Count Dracula fan, myself!


1 10 2010

i really like this i hope i win! 🙂

1 10 2010
Chrissy Cooper

Great give away! My favorite vampire is Edward, ofcourse 🙂

1 10 2010
Jo Ann

The book looks so cute! Definately more than one pattern in there I’d like to knit.

And my current heart throb with out a heartbeat has GOT to be Eric Northman / Eric Skaarsgard from True Blood. I just love the sexy coolness.

THanks for the give away!

1 10 2010

My favorite as a kid was Barnabas Collins.

1 10 2010

It would be great to win the book!! I love Cirilia’s pattern!
Fav blodsucker: Eric!

1 10 2010
Christina Habberjam

Eric Northman 🙂

1 10 2010

I think I’d have to line up behind the Spike fangirls!

Great competition

1 10 2010

Gary Oldman’s Dracula. Love love love him.

1 10 2010

My favorite was always lestat!

1 10 2010

Hi, this is Kim & my fave vamp is Spike. Can’t wait to see the book!

1 10 2010

I really enjoyed every vampire from this funny horror movie my dad introduced me many years ago: The fearless vampires killers. This is my 1st vampire movie! Stephanie voyer

1 10 2010
Barbara York

This book looks great and I am loving the Vampire vibe all over now. My favorites are Eric from True Blood and Edward Cullen of course. Would be great to win a copy but if not I will definately go buy it.

1 10 2010

What a great idea! I hope I find something to start knitting this month.

1 10 2010

Love the book! And I’ll take Eric as well, thank you!

1 10 2010
No Obligations « TAAT Designs

[…] just a quick note: the author of Vampire Knits is hosting a giveaway on the book blog, if anyone is interested in trying for another copy – if you haven’t bought yours […]

1 10 2010
maria poroy


1 10 2010

My favorites are Lestat (book version, not Tom Cruise movie version) and the original Count Dracula from “Dracula, The Undead” by Dakre Stoker, the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker!

1 10 2010
Pat Carter

Bela Lugosi! I’m not immune to Edward’s charms, but I’m a purist!

1 10 2010

Not exactly blood “suckers” but definitely blood drinkers:
The Masai of Africa

1 10 2010

OOH… I love the book but can’t afford to buy any knitting things until I find a job (unemployment both sucks and is wonderful- lots of knitting time, but no $$ for yarn or patterns

another Bela Lugosi fan here, though Edward is nice too…

1 10 2010

Hmmm, fave bloodsucker – that’s hard.
I love the ones from Christine Feehan’s carpathian novels 🙂

1 10 2010

Totally a toss-up between Eric and Edward…maybe I just like vampire’s whose name starts with “E”…lol

1 10 2010
Deb (ALoopyString)

Hi, this is Deb and I’m recalling the vampire that (if I’m recalling correctly) started the whole “vampire trying to redeem himself tortured soul soul-less” TV show genre – Nick Knight from Forever Knight. It was one of my favorite shows!

I do also love Angel. And Spike.

Your book is beautiful! I would LOVE to have it for my library, and I know my DD (with whom I live) would be wanting me to make several of the items in it for her as she is deeply into all things Goth. Thank you for this giveaway, and I hope your book is wildly successful!

1 10 2010

Looks like a cool book. I like Alice, and Emmett.

1 10 2010

Ahh, I love the concept of a vampire-inspired knitting book~ Almost too good to be true, except it is!

Got to say, my favorite vamp has to be Eric Northman. Love him in the books, and Alex Skarsgard is possibly the sexiest man ever. 😀

2 10 2010
gerri newfry

my favorite vampire is spike.

2 10 2010

Hi from France! I love the idea of the book! My favorite bloodsucker is Lestat, so gorgeous 😉

2 10 2010

Thank goodness for the change in weather, its been too hot here in Georgia. I’d have to say my favorite bloodsuckers are Eric Northman and Gary Oldman from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

2 10 2010

Love, love, love the Lore Hoodie. The open worked lace stitches give it a romantic feel, and the toggles an edge that both compliment the length and hoodie giving it that mysterious aura. All the better to wear while dreaming about my favorite vampire, Carlisle!

2 10 2010
Charlotte Looram

What a great idea! My favorite vampires are Count von Count from Sesame Street and Myrnin from The Morganville Vampires! I think they’re hilarious!

2 10 2010

Hi I’m Domynique. My favorite vamp is definatley Edward Cullen at the moment. Who can blame me!?!

2 10 2010

My favorite bloodsucker is the first vampire, Count Dracula.

2 10 2010

If I were to have a romance with any vampire, he would be Angel, from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. He’s vulnerable and yet stands on his own. He’s tender-hearted yet tough. Oh, and he’s really hot.

2 10 2010

Please put my name in the competition – I wouold love to have a copy of your book. as to my fave bloodsucker – I grew up with vampires in the 1970s when my parents took me to see all the movies; now with the vampire rebirth I LOVE THEM ALL.

2 10 2010

Is it even possible to choose?!? The longer I think about it, the harder it is to pick a favorite bloodsucker! 🙂

2 10 2010

I must say, I’m intrigued by this book…

At the moment my favourite vampire is Thomas Raith from ‘The Dresden files” by Jim Butcher. Its a different take on vampires and that is why I am fascinated by it.

2 10 2010

I think I would have to vote for Spike from Buffy.. I could look at that all day 🙂

3 10 2010
Bonnie Starr

Hello! What a fun idea for a giveaway! It’s HARD to say who my fave vamp of all time is, there’s so many greats ones! Dracula? Lestat? Nosferatu? … I suppose if you’re going to MAKE me choose (you meanie, you!) I’ll choose Vampire Hunter D, from the manga and animated movies. =) He’s just… dreamy……..

3 10 2010
Lauren G

Hey! Another October baby here! So, of course, my favorite month too.
I love the projects you got for this book. It is a brilliant idea! My favorite vamp would have to be Jasper. He can give everyone the warm and fuzzies, as well as keep the love flowin’. 🙂

3 10 2010

I have to vote for Count von Count from Sesame Street.

3 10 2010

Ooohh – I’d love to win a copy of this book! My favorite vamp has to be Mitchel from Being Human.

3 10 2010
Debbie V

I’ve been looking forward to this book since I first heard about it. Choosing a favorite vamp is hard but right now I’m partial to True Blood’s Eric.

4 10 2010

This book sounds great. Are you planning on making a book about vampire sewing projects too? If so, put me down for one of those too.

Eric from True Blood is my fave vamp ;o)

4 10 2010

Sadly, I don’t sew. It’s on my list of things to learn! 🙂

4 10 2010

My current favorite is Jean Claude . . .

4 10 2010

Wow, that piece on the cover is amazing!

It’s hard to pick a favorite vampire because I’m a vampire lover. However, if I had to choose I’d go with a classic- Nosferatu. Both terrifying and misunderstood.

4 10 2010

My name is Libby and my favorite vampire is the Count from sesame street 🙂

4 10 2010
Melissa A.

Hmm… I can only pick one?! Oh man, that’s tough. lol. Um, I’m going to go with John Matthew (Black Dagger Brotherhood).

4 10 2010
Catherine McDonald

One of my fvorite happy days. I’ll miss my neice this year as she’s my partner in crime. She just loves Halloween. They don’t celebrate it in PRico. I’ve told her about your web and she’s so excited. Have a happy birthday and fun Halloween.

5 10 2010

I’d love to win!

Also, just wanted to let you know I went to buy a copy at my local Borders and all of them were boound out of order and missing a chapter , and had an extra copy of one section bound into instead. I was so bummed, hopefully they’ll get replacements!!

5 10 2010

hmmm, I’ll go old school. My fave is Dracula.

6 10 2010

I forgot to mention that my favorite vampire is either Asher (from LKH’s Anita Blake series) or Eric Northman.

6 10 2010

Can’t wait to check out your book! And my favorite vampire has to be Eric from True Blood.

6 10 2010

Probably Drusilla from Buffy. Can’t really say why.

6 10 2010

I love October, too! I’m enjoying all the Halloween decorations going up all over my neighborhood.

Hmmm…it’s kind of hard to pick my favorite bloodsucker! I think I’ll have to go with Angel, although Edward Cullen is a close second. And then there’s Spike, and Eric, and Mick St. John from Moonlight 🙂

6 10 2010
Cathy R

What a wonderful looking book. I will have to get a copy pronto.

Favorite vampire? Dimitri from the Vampire Academy books.

Followed closely by Eric Northman.

6 10 2010

I just saw your book on Amazon. Thought I would look you up and see if I could see some of your designs. I would love to win a book……….I am a 70 year old grandmother and knit for my granddaughters

6 10 2010

It’s hard to narrow it down, normally I’d have to say Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but more recently my favorite vampire is Eric Northman from the Southern Vampire Book Series by Charlaine Harris.

7 10 2010

Harmony from BTVS, she is the most hilarious, whiny vamp ever and come on…unicorn fetish FTW!

7 10 2010

i love fall and I´d love to win one of your books. My favorite bloodsucker is also Gary Oldman´s Dracula, followed closely by Count von Count from Sesame Street….
Also love the Fearless Vampire Killers!

7 10 2010

Hi – found you on Rav in the Criminal Minds group. Your book looks fabulous! I watched Dark Shadows with my mom growing up, but now am a big Anne Rice fan, so I’ll have to name Lestat as my favorite vampire.

7 10 2010

Oh let’s see who’s my favorite bloodsucker? I’m going with Damon Salvatore… but then there’s always Emmett Cullen. Shoot I don’t think I could pick just one 🙂

7 10 2010

I love love love the Vampire Knits Blog!!!!! Thank You!!!!!
My favorite vampire is Gary Oldman’s Dracula.

7 10 2010

this looks like such a cool book! I’ve been trying to find it at my Barnes and Nobles but no luck yet 😦 My fave vamp is Grandpa from The Munsters!

8 10 2010

my favorite vampire is Spike!

8 10 2010

Hey! It’s my daughter’s birthday too!! (the 16th) – and her favorite uncle’s (15th).

Let’s see… my favorite vampire would have to be old school Lestat or Spike. Too close to call.

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