Meet Designer Nancy Fry

29 12 2010

I hope everyone had a great holiday, whichever one you celebrate!  Today, we meet designer Nancy Fry, who has inspired the most projects on Ravelry with her design in Vampire Knits.

How long have you been knitting and how’d you get started?

Knitting for 8 years. After having my daughter, I wanted to make a cute baby sweater I saw for her. I have been knitting ever since.

How did you start designing?

After making subliminalrabbits Bella mittens, I wanted to make more Twilight style. The only other pattern was a La Push Hat. Unfortunately, it was a crochet version. And Crocheting just mystifies me. So I decided to design a knit version and share it with others on ravelry. Then I just couldn’t stop.

What did you design for the book? What inspired you?

I designed Alice Cullen fingerless mittens. The design was done before the New Moon movie was released after an Official Alice Cullen movie still was released on the internet early. The design help me overcome my fear of the mess of dyeing my own yarn and gave me something to do while I waiting for the movie.

Who’s your favorite vampire, or what’s your favorite vampire story?

I really enjoy Emmett from the Twilight series, I am a sucker for broad shoulders and wise guy humor. Plus, he sparkles ;).




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