Good News/ Bad News

12 01 2011

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to address something that’s happening right now in the Vampire Knits world and share a bit of good news as well.

First, the “bad” – Now, we all know that there’s a misprint issue and that several copies (though we’re not sure how many) were printed without several pages and repeating several pages. It seems that this is the reason why Amazon has decided to review all their inventory, so they no longer ship out faulty copies.  Hopefully this will be rectified soon and they’ll start selling them again. Until then, you can still find them at Michael’s, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, among many other sellers.  You can also buy the Kindle version.

The good news is that we’re heading into our second edition printing! Sooner than I thought we would, but perhaps this is happening sooner because of the misprints. Regardless, the new printings will have the Errata from the first edition fixed.

Thanks for your support, and happy knitting!